Anniversary Card

Front of card: Picture of two cats gazing heavenwards as a comet shoots through a faint heart-shaped constellation of stars. A scroll below them reads “With all my Heart”.


Inside card: “J Happy 24th I love you. Happy Anniversary Each year is better than the one before-I love you H” and a small note measuring 2.5″x5″ reads “I Know what we said-But That is for the 25th-This is the 24th-I love you” 

Back of card: “Illustration by Jan Brett Copyright Jan Brett Studio, Inc. Sunrise Publications, Inc. Bloomington, IN 47402 Litho U.S.A. $1.50 U.S. $2.00 Canada BAA 5168”

This card was purchased for $0.99 in a desktop frame from a Goodwill Thrift Store in Boynton Beach, FL. When I took the item to the counter to pay, I set it down while talking to my companion and an employee took it and returned it to the shelf. Alarmed, I looked for the item, and another employee called out to the first, “Hey, that frame… this girl wants it!”, as if the soft tin frame with its clouded glass was the object of value.

It is very likely, viewing the “email postcards” on her site, that this illustrator and children’s book author is the Jan Brett who painted the image on the card. I haven’t any clues as to who the couple “J” and “H” are or what was to happen on their 25th anniversary.


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