RJB: Purple Journal 6


March 2nd – 1999, 10:05 AM

Dear Blessed Virgin Mary,

All my authority is yours if you pick me up in your ship you showed me in New Port Richey years ago.  I got to keep for you a nice radio tape to tape and equalizer, 220 Swift, microscope kit, and books I wrote that nobody can understand.

Your loving husband.

<Special angel – brunette

Another child-like letter, written in print riddled with hearts and containing an itemized list of special items Rev. Jerry holds dear for his trip to Heaven to live with his wife; a microscope, a radio, a recorder, his secret diaries, and a bullet.


.220 Swift shell casing

“New Port Richey” is only about 40 minutes away from Pinellas Park.  This geographical reference supports my postulation that Pinellas County was Rev. Jerry’s home.  Since the Virgin Mary’s ship (a spaceship, I assume; though this is a coastal area; she could have been a pirate) appeared to Rev. Jerry “years ago” I wonder if the New Port Richey area was a previous address for him, a vacation, or mostly insignificant.

Pinellas Park & New Port Richey

Speaking of insignificance… this blog is dedicated to eliminating it.  There is no way to judge the importance of any factor in a diary entry by Rev. Jerry, so I try to examine them all.  I find the most amazing keys to understanding his world sometimes in the smallest of phrases.  And sometimes I just find beauty:

“Books I wrote that nobody can understand…”

The last line in this entry is written in blue pen, while the rest of the entry was in black. Is it recording a vision?


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