RJB: Purple Journal 4

Sometimes Rev. Jerry’s entries are written in a stilted, stylized print rather than his natural shaky cursive.  These entries tend to feature a lot of symbols that don’t translate into Romanized type very well.  Page 4 of the Purple Journal is such an entry.

The first sexual entry in the Purple Journal



Dearest Blessed Mother [Blessed Mother], I eat 1 leaf from the Tree of Life.  All done.  ❤ you.

Feb 25-1998, 3:03 PM

Eat 12 leaves from the Tree of Life. Own 12 tribes of Israel. Jesus owns little men. Billions of billions.

Sheriff -582-6200, 541-0759, PPPD – 5?1-0759

PPPD – 893-77*0, Scott – 323-2302, Shr BK – 511-7959, H – 516-15?9

🙂 U Blessed Mother. Miss you – Blessed Mother. Received sperm for Blessed Mother 25th Feb.-1998

This entry is childlike; i’s dotted with hearts; smiley faces; and he addresses the Virgin Mary with a focus on her motherhood role. With a sudden change in mood as elegant as the turn in the 9nth line of a sonnet, Rev. Jerry proudly proclaims his “receipt of sperm” for Mary. Oedipus Complex, anyone?

The list of phone numbers in the center of the page appear to be law enforcement offices. When Googled, I identified the number labelled “sheriff”  to be the number to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.  “PPPD” is the Pinellas Park Police Department. Is it too much to assume that Rev. Jerry lived in Pinellas County in February of 1998 based on this page?

Pinellas Park, FL

Page 3 had two numbers and the nominative “BK Sherry”; one of the two numbers corresponds to the “Shr BK” number on this page.  Who is Sherry?  What does “BK” mean?  I will try to divine more references to Sherry, Scott, and H; hopefully I can define their relationships (if any) to the Reverend.

God's... flowchart?

The Tree of Life probably refers, based on Rev. Jerry’s affinity for using Hebrew characters, to the Kabbalah rather than any other mystic construct with the same name.  The Kabbalah’s Tree of Life is an incredibly rich symbolic creation, believed by some to be the map God used to make the universe.  It is composed of Sepharoth; each of which are spheres that consist of corresponding numbers, colors, scents, planets, states of being, and anything else you can think up.

I wonder if the numbers in this entry, first 1, then 12, have further significance to the Reverand…?  In my McNugget understanding of modern fringe-hippy Kabbalism, “12 around 1” forms the basis of reality.  The equation works thus:

12: 1 + 2 = 3, representing the 3rd dimension (space), and an image representing 12 cones surrounding 1 source makes 12 + 1 = 13; 13:  1 + 3 = 4, representing the 4th dimension of time.

So, “12 around 1” forms both space and time, or reality as we know it. This page becomes poetic again in the light of this information; the story of a man creating a new reality for himself.

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