RJB: Purple Journal 2

Feb 2C-9999

Dear Blessed Mother. This is the year we shall all be free? I wish for the trump this at 28th of Feb. 1999 or whatever year it is. Are we still deadlocked? {yes} I’m glad it keeps us real close. Boy does my back hurt.

And several other things- kidneys mostly left one. And I never suffered from any kidney failure till I met their weird asses. I’m glad they’ll be in a frozen atmosphere. And I’m tickled blue cause of it.

I just can’t wait till the 28 of Feb 1999 or what ever year it is. Remember the news paper? 3 days missing? What a jyp. Will Harry Bubbers Clock radio just came on at 12:00 AM. Well my dear.

(eye) Lo(heart)ve you HOTc-D

Signature of Reverend Jerry Brown, transcribed as "HOTc-D"

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