RJB: Purple Journal 1

Feb 25-98

Dear Blessed Mother. How is our figure < lock? I’m so sorry it takes so much from you and I promise when I get picked up {us} I will only mate your golden vessell {vessul} 3 times a wk unless you require more? You can have complete athority over me. But still would love to smoke in hallways 4 be 4 1/2 star general with weapon to be water man at your hours.  22 hornet or 220 swift or 270 roger or 444 mag or AK-18 or 22 army weapon even a pea shooter would do. Your discretion.

I do trust all in Holy City. But you never can tell. I did get a dirty rap in Holy City in began. The little ones saw what happened to me and I shall never even touch a Blue Angel ever again. And I mean it. Rocker chairs are for old folk. And Whistler’s Mother.

Will you deside.  Right now my back hurts with excrusiating pain cause of Windell Caskskulls. The beat me badly and if Catt doesn’t store her now he can kiss my ass in front of all in the Holy City. I hate his guts and bitches that cum like dogs in heat. I learned fast. Sorry it took so long.


(eye) (heart) YU me

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