RJB: Significant Cigarettes

Maverick Cigarette box labels, saved by RJB

The Maverick logo, printed in outline.

The Reverend Jerry Brown smoked Maverick cigarettes. His box of journals and notes is littered with the fronts of cigarette packs, carefully cut out; and among his mysterious set of personal symbols, the outline of the Maverick logo, which is sometimes printed on the insides of the labels, occasionally appears.

The copper foil that lines the inside of Maverick boxes.

Also litter d among his effects are bits of different colored foil salvaged from the inside lining of cigarette packs. He uses this foil on many of his drawings and schematics. It often seems that, in addition to its decorative properties, that the silver foil represents divine presence (see this example) and the copper, divine protection (see this example). Much rarer: Some illustrations use a gold foil, but I haven’t found any indication that this foil came from cigarette packs aside from  it sharing the consistency of the smoother silver paper foil that the silver wrapping logos appear on.

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