RJB: Planet Detonator

The Planet Detonator Destroyer

Schematic Transcript (Reading clockwise, from top left): “Thy Gods own design not mine  Titanium Dioxide points 2″ RIS X-10K Contack Bar and INC. Amp Circuit For  VU METER  FT  +  INC  For Fine Tuning To 100K uf ” “

Notes Transcript: “Planet Detonator Destroyer  ONE OF OURS – NO Sons OF  Bitchs – Wicked Planet  See how you let them use me! I hate it. Morbidly”

RJB created many schematics for divine machines. One is shown here: a Planet Detonator Destroyer. It is not clear whether this device is a destroyer of Planet Detonators, or a very thorough way to remove a planet from existence.

It is clear from his notes that he is very upset at being the conduit for this design. It is also interesting that, on the notes side, it appears that he asks a question and then used another color of marker to answer himself and even censor himself (coloring out the “B” in “Bitchs”).

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