RJB: Wedding Photo

Wedding Day: June 5th, 1995

Transcript: Husband & WIFE 1995 June-5th Wedding DAY Rev. JeRRY Arthur Brown & Blessed Virgen MARY. FOREVER”

Note that all the “i”s are dotted with hearts. The date is written in an unusual style, with the year first, followed by the day in ordinal, and finally the month.  I have only ever seen a style comparable in old database designs.  The image of the Virgin Mary is from a book or newspaper, and embellished with golden foil. The “frame” is also covered with foil, but of a different sort: this foil comes from the inside lining of cigarette packs; specifically, RJB’s brand Maverick (Specials Box 100s). RJB often used the copper foil to outline special images and words, like a protective force-field. The entire assembly is covered carefully in a clinging laminate protection sheet that is loose and yellow with age and grime.


RJB commemorates his wedding.

On the back of the wedding photo there is a semi-scholarly article about cherubim, likely taken directly from a side-by-side Bible study guide. Also slid underneath the laminate is a small square piece of paper that looks like it might have been a sticker-seal. It is a large W with Hebrew characters and RJB’s own writing, so small as to be mostly indecipherable; what I can read says: “10:47AM…Babies in…resist demons…saved… 10:47AM 11/10/99”.

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  1. […] Though the mirror was treasure enough, I couldn’t help noticing a stuffed notebook inside the same can. I pulled it out and was overjoyed to find it to be a journal, one of several filled by RJB. Jenny, meanwhile, opened the box we had pulled off the mirror and found it full of RJB’s personal effects… everything from journals to letters, family photos, plane tickets, records of institutionalization, old bills, and even RJB’s wedding photo… from his wedding to The Virgin Mary. […]

  2. […] Also litter d among his effects are bits of different colored foil salvaged from the inside lining of cigarette packs. He uses this foil on many of his drawings and schematics. It often seems that, in addition to its decorative properties, that the silver foil represents divine presence (see this example) and the copper, divine protection (see this example). Much rarer: Some illustrations use a gold foil, but I haven’t found any in… […]

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