RJB: Introduction

From RJB to his wife, the Virgin Mary

Transcript: 8/25/95   2:21AM   My very dearest [unintelligable] Blessed Mother, Today I made a vow to you love your way. In our Compassionate Love, when were free, to ourselves. You, may handle, all our love realations, & say exactly how we should conduct or I should conduct, our plan of Love Together. In all I bargained to, is no longer bargained for except the [unknown] part of our & the Holy Fathers, say so in the room or office I share. I can Controle myself at all times. How you have the say soo [symbols: similar to hotc-7]. & any lower or Higher to weight till trump? & no Star. All above is cancelled. She gave me her word and the very Sacred Father, most Holy, gave his also. Jesus Beloved, also. [symbols: similar to hotc-7] Starting above date. Love Jer. I miss you & Cryed for Jesus in Crown of Thorns Today I did not Think I could even play the Guitar any more. I ❤ U. Void on what was said on one IdEA, mom can Judge, To how she feals. I ❤ her V. M.”

The above note is a love letter from a man who calls himself Reverend Jerry Brown to his wife, The Virgin Mary. In it, he apologizes for a disagreement, asserting that since her father accepted his apology she should too. He expresses his fondness for her family; her father and son-God and Jesus-and uses a pet name to refer to another mutual loved one (the unintelligible symbols). All in all, a pretty typical letter between a husband and his wife.

The Reverend Jerry Brown (RJB)’s effects were discovered in a dumpster behind a thrift store in South Florida in around 2000 or 2001 during a trip with Jenny Hathaway of Cotton Candy Cookies & Cream.  I collect unusual depictions of The Last Supper, and spotted what seemed to be a mirror with said painting lithographed on top of it poking out of a garbage can. Jenny helped me pull a dirty box off the top of it, and revealed a gorgeous Last Supper mirror with a Virgin Mary reaching down to Jesus from above. The Mary portion of the mirror had broken away and, when it was glued back together, a black garter belt was glued across the crack. As I share more about RJB, the significance of this will become clearer.

The collected works of The Rev. Jerry Brown

Though the mirror was treasure enough, I couldn’t help noticing a stuffed notebook inside the same can. I pulled it out and was overjoyed to find it to be a journal, one of several filled by RJB. Jenny, meanwhile, opened the box we had pulled off the mirror and found it full of RJB’s personal effects… everything from journals to letters, family photos, plane tickets, records of institutionalization, old bills, and even RJB’s wedding photo… from his wedding to The Virgin Mary.

Jenny retained one small notebook. Though the mirror broke beyond repair years ago, I kept all the rest. I will periodically update with new transcripts and analysis of RJB’s journals, mental illness, and life. I did make several concerted efforts to track down RJB in the past. Once, I did find a relative, who told me that they had no desire for his effects. I may make more inquiries as I reexamine his information. I might not. From what I remember from my last fact-finding mission, RJB is certainly passed away.

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