Out to Lunch


Vintage sex humor

This card was purchased for $1.00 from a local antique market called Orange Tree Antiques about 7 years ago. There is a faded $0.10 price penciled in the top right corner of the image. The back has 137.76 written in blue pen, as well as the initials RLM by a presumably different hand, as they are written in a childish scrawl. Someone once suggested to me that the male character looks like a racist Chinese characterization; but I believe it is simply the paroxysms of pleasure that are contorting his face as he fulfills his adult nursing fetish.

I am unsure of the age of this card, though the hairstyles and clothing of the characters recall the late 50’s and early 60’s, the line drawing style of the image suggests the early 1960’s, recalling as it does the famous ink drawings of LeRoy Neimen, Playboy’s “femlins”.

LeRoy Neiman's first Femlin, Sophia Loren, 1960

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  1. Looks very WWII era to me. Her hairstyle and his racist/stereotypical Japanese look (glasses & teeth). I read you blog and while he is quite excited I definitely think he is supposed to be Japanese. At the latest Korean “war” era.

  2. From my friend Aaron:

    I HAVE THAT!!! It was one of the many offensive treasures we found when we raided the just-closed Ri-Mar Drive-In in Sanford — a projectionist had gathered quite a unique collection of ribaldry, including a number of girlie pix clipped from mags of varying taste, a whole buncha obscene cards (including the above), and most disturbingly, a buncha homemade porn gag cartoons (including about six variations on a “Rape-o-Matic”). I need to digitize that stash one o’these days… Anyway, not sure of the vintage — could be anywhere from the mid-fifties to 1975. My friend Kevin, who was my cohort in the excavation, likened that grotesquely distorted face as being like “one of those tourist trap exhibits of a torture chamber, where they have the papier-mache convict on the rack…

    • The card may have been printed as late as the ’70s, but that is most definitely earlier (WWII) “artwork”.

      • I’m starting to be convinced he’s a Ching Chong. I mean, I thought the card was supposed to be representing its owner as “Out to Lunch” munching on a pretty girl, as in, “hey, my idea of lunch is p*ssy, cuz I’m a playa, don’t be a playa hata”. But maybe Shannon’s right and it’s saying that “the enemy” is a buncha babies who are “out to lunch” as in crazy?

        Ah, but I can’t get over the fact that the line art style is definitely 50s at its earliest… that kind of bold, varied ink line did not come into vogue until then and certainly didn’t hit its hey-day until the early 60s.

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